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San Francisco SWCD

Sections 73-20-25 through 73-20-48 NMSA 1978 is the summary description of the New Mexico Soil and Water Conservation District Act. The San Francisco Soil and Water Conservation District is the administrative body responsible for the dictates of the law in Catron County within the boundaries of the District. The District was organized on April 14, 1942 by the farmers and ranchers in the area to promote conservation on private lands. Since that time there have been three additions to the district. The first on May 9, 1944, the second addition on July 1, 1957, and the third addition was on November 12, 1957 when the Luna SWCD joined the San Francisco District. There are approximately 3,008,534 acres within SFSWCD boundaries.

Click to see a map of all 47 Conservation Districts in the state of New Mexico. Here is an Organization Chart that shows how Conservation Districts are tied to other state and federal agencies.

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History of Conservation Districts

Following the devastation of the Dust Bowl in the 1930s, President Franklin Delano Roosevelt recommended the Standard State Soil Conservation Districts Act be signed into law by all state governors. This act gave states a step-by-step guide to create conservation districts and listing their powers and responsibilities. The first conservation district, Brown Creek Soil and Water Conservation District (SWCD), was established in North Carolina on August 4, 1937. Arkansas became the first state to enact legislation regarding conservation districts. By July 1, 1945, all 48 states had passed district-enabling acts.

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Position #1: Clayton Atwood, Reserve
Position #2: Janet Porter Carrejo, Reserve - Secretary/Treasurer
Position #3: Bill Powell
Position #4: Howard Hutchinson, Glenwood - Chairman
Position #5: Frank Christensen, Glenwood

Annie Simpson, Glenwood - District Clerk